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ICT Lx7 Bill Acceptor
ICT Lx7 Bill Acceptor

ICT LX7-2PS2USD64 Bill Acceptor

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Your Price: $249.00
Part Number: LX7-2PS2USD64
Quantity Price
6 - 11 $243.00
12 - 29 $233.00
30+ $229.00

ICT LX7-2PS2USD64 bill acceptor highlights the two fold bolt removable money box to provide better security, also water resistant with a drainage path assures protection versus weather, water and humidity.

  • Incredible water safe and weather resistant design.
  • Secure removable cash box with plastic handle or tubular bolt selectable
  • Ideal for indoor and open air applications
  • Accessible for Nisr Applications
  • Standard Bezel
  • Pulse
  • 12v Dc
  • None Mounting Kit
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